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    <span>Introducing</span> Urban Ryder

    Introducing Urban Ryder

    Green Light Cycle's Urban Ryder™ is your new road companion. Commuting to and from work? No sweat, 365 days a year.

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    Introducing the Urban Ryder
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    <span>Enjoy the </span> Ride

    Enjoy the Ride

    Trekking down country roads with friends? Easy ride. This E-Bike can hit speeds up to 32Km/h with little effort.

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    <span>introducing</span>Urban Ryder
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    <span>come ride</span> With Us

    come ride With Us

    Break away from the emissions of motor vehicles and think green; complete your next journey with the Urban Ryder™.

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Product Spotlight

Urban Cruzer
learn more The Urban Cruzer is a strong, lightweight, aluminium framed 7-speed entry level electric bicycle built with quality components. Delicately balanced with a mid bike battery configuration, it provides a silent smooth ride with power and comfort. Whether you’re trekking down country roads, riding on light trails or commuting in the city, the Urban Cruzer, with a high load rating of 100 kg and 500 watts of high climbing power, will get you there in a flash. The Urban Cruzer comes standard with a King Meter® Km LCD display, 5-speed pedal assist, walk mode, indicator, thumb throttle, moulded hand grips, all-terrain tires, front head light, front/rear fenders, and water bottle holder.

From our FAQ

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How do I change the batteries in my King Meter?
If you receive the error code “batt LU”, that means the batteries
Where can I get my bike serviced?
Most bike service shops will perform maintenance on the mechanical aspects of
Will I fit on an Urban Ryder™/Cruzer™?
There are a number of ways to get the right saddle height.

About green light cycle

Read More Green Light Cycle.™ is proud to be a Canadian based company, specializing in Electric Bicycles.

The company began when the founder, having traveled extensively to the far East, was intrigued when he tried his first E-Bike in Asia. Over the next few years, many brands and models were tested. The goal was to find the best eco-friendly bike that could meet the quality standards for BC’s hilly terrain and be affordable as a daily commuter bike for his friends and family.

After struggling to find the perfect bike and with a background of over 30 years in the electrical appliance and manufacturing industry, he decided to take matters into his own hands. With the mission to design a quality and affordable Electronic Bicycle, Green Light Cycle Ltd.™ was born.