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    <span>Enjoy the </span> Ride

    Enjoy the Ride

    Trekking down country roads with friends? Easy ride. This E-Bike can hit speeds up to 32Km/h with little effort.

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    <span>come ride</span> With Us

    come ride With Us

    Break away from the emissions of motor vehicles and think green; complete your next journey with the Urban Ryder™.

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    <span>Introducing</span> Urban Ryder

    Introducing Urban Ryder

    Green Light Cycle's Urban Ryder™ is your new road companion. Commuting to and from work? No sweat, 365 days a year.

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    Introducing the Urban Ryder
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    <span>introducing</span>Urban Ryder

Product Spotlight

Urban Cruzer
learn more The Urban Cruzer is a strong, lightweight, aluminium framed 7-speed entry level electric bicycle built with quality components. Delicately balanced with a mid bike battery configuration, it provides a silent smooth ride with power and comfort. Whether you’re trekking down country roads, riding on light trails or commuting in the city, the Urban Cruzer, with a high load rating of 100 kg and 500 watts of high climbing power, will get you there in a flash. The Urban Cruzer comes standard with a King Meter® Km LCD display, 5-speed pedal assist, walk mode, indicator, thumb throttle, moulded hand grips, all-terrain tires, front head light, front/rear fenders, and rear carrier rack.

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Use of Bike Lanes in Toronto
Urban Ryders and Urban Cruzers are both capable of being propelled or
Urban Ryder Top Tube Measure
Just because you asked… The Urban Ryder’s Top Tube measurement to the
Urban Ryder & Urban Cruzer Frame Size
The Urban Ryder and the Urban Cruzer have both a 19″  frame

About green light cycle

Read More Green Light Cycle.™ is proud to be a Canadian based company, specializing in Electric Bicycles.

The company began when the founder, having traveled extensively to the far East, was intrigued when he tried his first E-Bike in Asia. Over the next few years, many brands and models were tested. The goal was to find the best eco-friendly bike that could meet the quality standards for BC’s hilly terrain and be affordable as a daily commuter bike for his friends and family.

After struggling to find the perfect bike and with a background of over 30 years in the electrical appliance and manufacturing industry, he decided to take matters into his own hands. With the mission to design a quality and affordable Electronic Bicycle, Green Light Cycle Ltd.™ was born.