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Use of Bike Lanes in Toronto

Urban Ryders and Urban Cruzers are both capable of being propelled or driven solely by electricity and do not necessarily require pedaling. Therefore, by Ontario law, instead of being considered bicycles, they are considered e-scooters.

An e-scooter uses a motor for propulsion and does not require any power input from the human body for that propulsion is classified as a motorized recreational vehicle by the Toronto. In this city, e-scooters may use painted bicycle lanes but not separated cycle tracks or multi-use trails. (

By Ontario law, e-scooters have working pedals and are limited to 32 km/h top speed, 500 watts in battery power.

Riders do not require a driver's license, but must be 16+ and wear a helmet (


Please double check your city's regulations in order to make sure you are riding safely and within the law.

Happy Riding!



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