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Electric Bikes – The Right One for Me

Electric Bikes – The Right One for Me

If you're looking for a more efficient, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, e-bikes are the ideal choice.

These two-wheelers allow you to turn your daily commute into an exciting adventure. You'll relish the incredible sensation of the wind tousling your hair as you cruise through the vibrant streets of Vancouver and Toronto or navigate the rugged terrains of this breathtaking country.

But to enjoy your ride, you need a quality bike. Here is how you can find the perfect e-bike for your next adventure.

Have a Plan Before Purchasing an E-Bike

Before you choose your new e-bike, you need to understand what you want. Having a thoughtful plan will guide you toward selecting an e-bike that remains a satisfying choice for years.

Therefore, consider the following:

  1. Your lifestyle

Choose a bike that suits your daily routines, commitments, and leisure activities since there are different types of e-bikes. 

They include:

  • Commuter e-bikes like the Urban Cruzer. The strong frame and balanced performance of this bike make it ideal for navigating city streets, covering longer distances with ease, and transporting goods.
  • Mountain e-bikes like the Urban Ryder, to tackle challenging terrains, conquer steep inclines, and explore trails that were once out of reach. 
  • Folding e-bikes if you have limited storage space.
  • Recumbent e-bikes provide a comfortable option for long rides and for people with back, neck, or shoulder pain
  • Speed pedelecs, if you love cruising at higher speeds.
  1. Your Budget

Set a budget that includes all expenses you will incur when and after you purchase the electric bike. 

Remember that investing in an e-bike isn't just a purchase, it's a smart financial decision. You get to save money on fuel costs and help conserve the environment.

Green Light Cycle provides affordable options through Open Box Sales, offering bikes returned by customers that are still in new condition. 

We also provide you with the finest gear that your bike deserves, like additional accessories such as, lights, fenders, racks, water bottle holders, and OEM replacement parts.

Moreover, we extend our support to repairs and maintenance, ensuring your journey is always smooth and hassle-free.

  1. E-Bike Features

Consider the following e-bike features based on why you need the e-bike:

  • The motor, if you plan on navigating tough terrains easily, and also one that lets you accelerate smoothly.
  • The frame for improved stability, comfort, and versatility while the design makes it easy to mount and transition effortlessly between different terrains.
  • Battery charging duration. This is the time required to complete a full charge. For example, Green Light Cycle’s e-bike batteries require only 4-6 hours to fully charge. The maximum time for continuous charging should be 10 hours.
  • Comfort and ergonomics to help you enjoy long rides.
  • Your ease at performing basic maintenance tasks or whether you prefer professional servicing. These include regularly checking tire pressure, and brake pads for wear, charging and storing the e-bike's battery or keeping the chain clean and lubricating for smooth shifting and efficient power transfer.

Selecting Your Perfect Match 

Once you understand the various types of e-bikes and have listed down your must-haves, you now need to select one of these two majestic electric bikes.

  1. The Urban Ryder is perfect for off-road rides like conquering the tough Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec. The e-bike also does well for exploring or commuting on the city streets.
  2. The Urban Cruzer is a lightweight e-bike. It is perfect if you prioritize comfort and style and is suitable for leisure riders looking to enjoy long rides on the streets of Canada.

The e-bikes do come with other differences, as shown in the table below.


Urban Ryder

Urban Cruzer 

Ideal For

Adventure enthusiasts, off-road explorers, etc.

City commuters, leisure riders, etc.

Intended Use

Adventure and off-road versatility

City cruising and leisurely rides


Rugged components and durable construction

Rugged components and durable construction


Lightweight aircraft grade diamond-style aluminum frame

Lightweight aircraft grade step-through style aluminum frame

These two Green Light Cycle’s e-bikes have a couple of similarities, such as

  1. Powerful 500W brushless rear hub motor
  2. Top riding speed of 32 km/h (20 mph)
  3. 7-speed transmission with freewheel
  4. Removable lithium 48V 13 amp hour battery

Redefine The Art of Exploration Using Green Light Cycle’s Bikes 

Green Light Cycle Ltd bikes are meticulously crafted to conquer city streets or rugged trails.

The sleek designs will make every head turn as you cruise past, while the effortless pedalling with powerful motors lets you conquer the toughest terrain.

Get your e-bike today at Green Light Cycle and conquer the city streets with grace, or embrace the spirit of adventure as you take on that challenging terrain.



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