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Green Light Cycle Ltd.™ is proud to be a Canadian company, specializing in Electric Bicycles.

The company began when the founder, having traveled extensively to the far East, was intrigued when he tried his first E-Bike in Asia. Over the next few years, many brands and models were tested. The goal was to find the best eco-friendly bike that could meet the quality standards for BC's hilly terrain and be affordable as a daily commuter bike for his friends and family.

After struggling to find the perfect bike and with a background of over 30 years in the electrical appliance and manufacturing industry, he decided to take matters into his own hands. With the mission to design a quality and affordable Electronic Bicycle, Green Light Cycle Ltd.™ was born.

Designing and building his own brand of Electronic Bicycles was a challenge. Ensuring the use of high quality parts, extensive training for the assembly technicians, and with the help of the Green Team, we designed the company's first prototype. Testing the prototype proved its power and sustainability. Riding the bike on his daily commute for over a year, proved its excellence and longevity.

From conception, to prototype, to production, Green Light Cycle Ltd.™ is proud to bring you Canada's E-Bike: the Urban Ryder™.

Come ride with us.

Mission Statement

  1. Green Light Cycle Ltd. is committed to befitting the environment by providing green transportation alternatives to Canadians and the rest of the world
  2. Green Light Cycle Ltd. will take positive steps towards greener personal transportation for both business and pleasure
  3. Green Light Cycle Ltd. is dedicated to manufacture only the highest quality products and back them up with the highest quality service.
  4. Green Light Cycle Ltd. will maintain ongoing research and product investigation to ensure the high quality of it's products.
  5. Green Light Cycle Ltd. will always respect the support of it's distribution network.
  6. All customers' orders, large or small, are treated as equals.
  7. Green Light Cycle Ltd. will continue to provide a safe and pleasant work place for The Green Team.


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