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Safety and User Warnings

You are the only person responsible for your personal safety. Do not (or let anyone) operate your Urban Ryder™ or Urban Cruzer ™ bicycle without reading the user manual, as you/they could be seriously injured or killed. All riders must: Familiarize yourself until you understand and are competent with all the controls and braking systems to correctly and safely operate the Urban Ryder/Cruzer™ in any riding conditions and terrain. Green Light Cycle Ltd.™ assumes no responsibility for your personal safety and by operating this electric bicycle you acknowledge that you are competent with its operation and controls, have read the User Manual, are responsible for your own personal safety and accept Green Light Cycle Ltd.’s terms and agree to be bound by them. Do not operate or ride any Power Assisted Bicycle unless you are already a competent bicycle rider. Green Light Cycles electric bikes can quickly reach high speeds and caution must be exercised when operating the Urban Ryder/Cruzer ™. Carefully read this manual (even if you are an experienced rider) before riding! You must wear a Canadian approved helmet and safety equipment, and obey all Provincial and Federal motor vehicle laws. An unprotected head is highly susceptible to injury, even from the lightest contact, but wearing a helmet that meets UL or CSA testing standards may help prevent injury. 2022



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