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Rebates on E-Bikes Make Them an Affordable Option


Returns or Exchanges - BC E-Bike Rebate Program 
We do not accept returns/exchanges, from customers who participate in the BC E-Bike Rebate Program. We cannot provide you with a cash, debit refund, credit card refund, cash equivalent gift card or merchandise credit and we do not exchanged E-Bikes. If your E-Bike has a problem, we will repair your bike under warranty, so Please make sure your decision to purchase an E-Bike is final.


As of June 1, 2023, residents of British Columbia can get a rebate when they buy a new e-bike. The rebate, which is calculated per person based on income, will help make e-bikes a more affordable and accessible transportation option. 

The rebates on an approved e-bike will be available to all B.C. residents over the age of 19 and will be based on their individual income. Starting at $350 and going up to $1400, this rebate does not require you to get rid of your car. British Columbia is investing more than $6 million into this rebate program, allowing as many as 9,000 people to lower the cost of their e-bike purchase. 

The Province has also partnered with HUB Cycling to provide interested individuals with their Streetwise Cycling online program and in-person courses throughout the Province. The program offers individuals basic bike training, such as hand signals, balancing, and maneuvering.

Although the rebate program currently has a waitlist, if you have considered purchasing an e-bike, 2023 is still a great time to look into how an e-bike over your vehicle motor vehicle can have a positive impact on your overall health, wallet,  and the environment. 

The perks of using an e-bike

There are many advantages to buying an e-bike, especially in British Columbia. Known for its stunning landscapes, from mountains to coastlines, an e-bike is a great way to explore more of the beautiful outdoors. 

E-bikes are more environmentally friendly than a motor vehicle

E-bikes are a clean mode of transportation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to motor vehicles. Even if you keep your car and switch to an e-bike for your daily commute, you would still create a positive impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

There are many health benefits to having regular exercise outdoor

E-bikes are a great low-impact exercise tool, making your commute an excellent opportunity to gain some exercise and fresh air. An e-bike's assistance makes cycling more accessible, especially for people with physical limitations, and over B.C.'s many hills. While many people do not enjoy using a traditional bike for their daily commute, an e-bike will make your commute less of a workout but still counts as exercise. 

Owning a car is more expensive

The cost of gas is becoming increasingly less affordable for many. The costs of owning a car, including gas, insurance, and maintenance, can become overwhelming. E-bikes, in comparison, have significantly lower operating costs. Maintenance expenses are minimal, and the price of energy to recharge the battery is much cheaper than fuel for a car. 

There will be less traffic on the roads if there are more bikes

Riding a bike instead of in your car will help clear up the roads and help you avoid traffic jams helping shorten your commute. 

Contribute to a greener future with Green Light

Green Light Cycle Ltd. specializes in electric bicycles. We are dedicated to creating the highest quality products and backing them up with high-quality service. We are proud to be one of the participating retailers in B.C.'s e-bike rebate program.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you purchase an e-bike, increase your quality and decrease your carbon footprint. 



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