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How do I remove and replace the rear wheel?

PDF download: Instructions – Remove and replace rear wheel


1. Slide the rubber boot down the wire to expose the nut. On the opposite side of the wheel, remove the rubber boot.


2. Remove the chain stay protector by peeling back the Velcro.


3. Cut the 2 straps that hold the motor wire.


4. Pull the wire connector apart to the rear wheel (notice the 2 arrows for reinsertion).


5. Undo the nuts on both sides of the axel, but make sure that you keep the wire straight so the nut will not rub on the wire when loosening.

IMG_3884 IMG_3886


1. Return the wheel to the dropout.


2. The silver washer with the locking tab must face to the ground or be on the bottom. The easiest way to accomplish this is to put a wrench on the flat part of the wheel axel and turn the axel to the correct position as you are inserting it into the dropout.


3. It is easy to see from the disc brake side if you are correctly inserting into the dropout. There should be no space at the top of the dropout. The axel must go tight to the top of the dropout.

The image below shows a wheel inserted incorrectly.


4. Tighten both axel nuts and attach the motor wire with new straps. When inserting the motor wire plug together, make sure you align the arrows or you may damage the plug.




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